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Discover digital solutions for smallholder farmers

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Smallholder farms account for one-third of the global food supply. However, smallholder farmers face many challenges that result in low productivity, unsustainable practices and low income. Unable to earn sufficiently from agriculture, many farmers stop investing in their farms, decrease production, or leave farming altogether to find other forms of work. This presents significant risks to supply. It is thus in the interest of all stakeholders to provide support to smallholder farmers to build a more resilient food supply chain.

Grow Asia's objective is to help smallholder farmers in ASEAN achieve greater prosperity and environmental sustainability. One way to do this is by driving the adoption of digital tools.

The Grow Asia Digital Learning Series brings together corporate leaders, AgriTech startups and ecosystem enablers to learn more about emerging technologies, as well as to uncover opportunities for scalable, impactful digital solutions that could be adopted by smallholder farmers.

A series of 6 events throughout the year covering topics such as Remote Sensing, Supply Chain Intelligence, Digital Payments, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Drones and Internet-of-Things (IoT).

Who should join

Corporate Leaders

Input Companies

Trading Companies

FMCG Companies

Agri-Finance Companies

AgriTech Startups

Data & Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Digital Payments

Farm Robotics, Mechanisation & Equipment

Internet of Things (IoT) & Sensing

Remote Sensing: Satellite Imaging

Traceability and Supply Chain Intelligence

Ecosystem Enablers



Government Agencies

Venture Capital Funds

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Upcoming Event

Acquisition and Stickiness

The fourth event in the Grow Asia Digital Learning Series will look at how can we better acquire and retain users in smallholder farmer context.

We will be inviting speakers from both AgriTech startups and non-Agri high growth sectors so we can cross-learn and adopt innovative growth hacking techniques for smallholder farmers.

There will be a breakout workshop to discuss and crowdsource ideas and solutions in engaging farmers.

Details to be updated soon. Subscribe below to be kept posted.

Event Details

Thursday, 15 August
4:00pm – 7:00pm (GMT+8)

LEVEL3, Mapletree Business City
20E Pasir Panjang Road, #03-22/24
Singapore 117439

Catch us live!

4:15pm – 6:15pm (GMT+8)


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